Monday, January 28, 2008

Definately Monday

Whoo I am just exhausted tonight but much to my surprise and delight I had a ton of mail. I just love fun mail, I could go broke ordering things and then waiting for them to show up. I will share some photos of the goodies that Maria sent me and show some additions that I have been adding to the store tonight. First for the goodies,

She was so sweet to host the swap and she did such a lovely job on mine, I have been partnered with Maria before and she never disappoints, she is a talented artist.

Now on to the new goodies, be prepared to be over whelmed with pictures. Then head over to the store and snatch these babies up.

First we have some Vintage Lockets with a great Starburst design.

Next we have some Vintage Lucite. Next We have some Knick Knacks and Paddi Wacks

Some lovely Floral Cabs that of course are vintage.

Plus my all time favorite right now Vintage plastic Flowers in a new Rainbow Mix, with bigger and better flowers.

So that was a total mouthful, I am off to take the dog out and take a bath, i think I need some time to relax and read a book. Until next time.

P.S. I have been working on some new jewelry so if I can sneak it into work and take some photos with the cooll camera, I will show and tell some of it. Stay tuned I am reading this great new book regarding creative people and their business or well turning it into a business and I highly reccomend this book.


Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for giving me your address, What book is this??? Cant wait to see your jewelery, those corsages are beautiful!You asked me a question...I'll have to go read it'll be back. Laurie

Charmingdesigns said...

Glimmer Mist. A wonderful color spray with little pieces of glass glitter...its really for scrapbooking..look at Tattered Angels web site. Laurie

Ms. Porter said...

The new look is nice..lookin good!